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Banking on Yourself


The World Economic Form conducted a study, before the coronavirus pandemci that only made matters worse, finding that the average 65 year old will outlive their retirement savings by nearly a decade.

Reason #2

According to an analysis of the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, most American households nearing retirement have on average only $135,000 set back in their retirement accounts, which will provde $600/mo at most. That’s simply not enough.

Reason #3

Statistically speaking, even healthy couples over the age of 65 incur an average of $500,000 in medical bills not covered by Medicare.

What is

Bank on Yourself

Bank on Yourself is a method of financial development that allows people a way to bypass the volatility of the stock market to grow wealth in a safe and predictable way. This is done by leveraging the compounding power of dividend-paying whole life insurance policies.
This is a strategy that’s being used by hundreds of thousands of people across the country to take control of their financial health, guarantee their retirement, and provide the needed cash for college expenses, business expansions, and so much more.

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